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National Pollution Discharge Elimination - Phase II

Milford Township is working to achieve the objectives of the NPDES Phase Two program. Most simply, the goal is to control pollution that can enter our waterways through the storm water drainage system.

Besides identifying all discharges in the township and developing projects to improve water quality, Milford attempts to incorporate "Best Management Practices" in our road construction projects. For example, in storm piping projects, discharge is routed through energy dissipation and a settling area with bio-filtration to remove sediment and pollutants before water enters the streams. In this way we accept our responsibility to be responsible stewards of the environment.

Joanne Drive (Beechwood Acres) Drainage

Joanne Drive had continuing flooding problems at its crossing of the Licking Creek. This problem may have been aggravated by several new homes built on large lots above Beechwood Acres with the clearing of trees and increasing of impervious surfaces.

To address these concerns, we implemented a series of solutions to correct this longstanding problem. Storm pipe was installed to direct and control storm water on the downstream side of Joanne Drive in order to reduce flood volumes at the bridge. Considerable sediment accumulation was removed upstream to provide capacity for floodwaters. A detention facility was installed upstream.
Old Plains Road Drainage

road storm pipe

Work was completed on the Old Plains Road drainage project. Located between Zipp Road and Rt. 663, this project involved the installation of large diameter concrete pipe to control significant storm water and close deep ditches along the road. We thank the adjacent property owners for granting easements and cooperating through the construction inconveniences.

Fels Road Reconstruction

Corrections and completion of the Fels Road reconstruction were completed. This project involved the installation of storm drainage pipe, drain widening and overlay (paving).